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Supporting Women From The Origin


About Arai Doula Care

For Courtney McClain, a Bronx native, doula work is the convergence of her passions and goals to support Black birthing people, centering their mental and emotional wellness. As a Full Spectrum Doula and founder of Arai Doula Care, it is Courtney’s priority to educate and work in communities with BIPOC humans who are deeply empathetic.


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What Clients Say

“I found out I was pregnant in April and knew I would hire a doula to assist me in all things pregnancy and delivery. Being a pregnant black woman can be scary since black maternal mortality is a real issue in our healthcare system. I wanted someone to educate me and advocate for my rights. Courtney was the perfect match for my needs. Courtney visited my home, called, and sent messages and resources throughout my entire journey. She helped me design a birth plan, provided a plethora of resources and information; and supported me during pregnancy complications and unforeseen circumstances. She allowed me to contact her day or night. Courtney helped my partner understand his role in the experience and provided him with the support he needed to continually assist me and take care of himself.

During labor and delivery, she made sure I understood everything that was happening and ensured I was okay when plans changed. Courtney followed my lead and helped me make informed decisions. It felt really good to have someone as educated and nurturing as Courtney by my side. She helped make my first pregnancy a great experience. Since everyone has their very own unique pregnancy and delivery experience I highly recommend Courtney  to provide insight, advice and resources tailored to your specific journey, desires and circumstances”

-H. L

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A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to be felt at her birth.

Anna Verwaal
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