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About Us


 Courtney is nurturing, attentive, and cares wholeheartedly about supporting people’s visions of a healthy, safe, and autonomous birth. She is passionate about centering parents throughout the postpartum period by holding space for complex emotions while providing affirmation and hands-on support. When she’s not providing doula support, Courtney loves to make herbal tea, color, dance and build LEGO. 

About Arai Doula Care

For Courtney McClain, a Bronx native, doula work is the convergence of her passions and goals to support Black birthing people, centering their mental and emotional wellness. As a Full Spectrum Doula and founder of Arai Doula Care, it is Courtney’s priority to educate and work in communities with BIPOC humans who are deeply empathetic.

Her practice is grounded in the understanding that birthing people are experts on their bodies and know their experiences. They deserve equity, culturally congruent care, and autonomy throughout this experience, especially during postpartum periods. Courtney works closely with families as a companion, providing support to parents and their birth support team to create an empowering birth experience. 

Courtney’s love of her community and mental and reproductive health can be traced back to her almost 2 decades in health education in NYC public schools. She later obtained her M.S, Ed in Counseling Education to destigmatize mental health in her community while making care approachable and accessible.



Ancient Song Full Spectrum Doula Training


Chanel Porchia- Albert

The Pelvic Floor and Birth

Sonia Reiter


Newborn Care for Doulas

LaShanda Dandrich


Advanced Doula Skills: Founding your Practice


Whit McWilliams

40 Days Postpartum and their Newborns


Carmen Mojica

Pregnancy and Postpartum Herbs & Nutrition


Grandma’s Hands

Conscious Birth Collective Mentorship


Emilie Rodriguez, Myla Flores, Evelyn Alvarez, Aida Alfonzo, Nicole Jean- Baptiste

Lactation Foundations

LaShanda Dandrich


Decolonizing Health Workshop

Ericka Hart


Companioning Clients Through Pregnancy Loss

Naima Beckles


Trauma Informed Client Care

Ama Warnock

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